Curly Hair, How To Make Short Hair With Bangs

A long-haired, thick, short curls, and I would like for this summer. The problem is that my pony. If they are too short to curl up singing sound and look very ugly. If they are so short, so my thing right throughout the beautiful. I tried to reduce my pictures, but after an hour or two, go back to curly. Is it possible to have very short hair cut work with my hair?
Style: Cutting rhythms and cause problems for your hair naturally curly and thick hair is stubborn and hard to create a form. It's a good idea, the natural direction of hair growth into account when choosing a new hairstyle for curly hair to take. Working against nature makes curly hair, very difficult. Such an option to avoid explosions, if possible!
Products: With recent advances in technology and chemicals in hairdressing and have the opportunity, only complicates the type of pony hair.
In general, you should start to make the products and treatments, soft hair. These products will reduce the elastic fibers of thick hair, enhance workflow management, and then the hair is easier to assemble. Appropriate formula can be found in products for dry, brittle hair. The full range of flexible products is a good example of Redken. Kerastase oleo-Relax is another example, however. Once the hair is loose and soft, it can be made directly to your pony and it will be much easier to take far more time.
The level of professionalism, I always have this! If not, then you can choose Retexturizing not chemically. Trade with the right product can tame your curls, or to change habits of a natural wave to the style chosen.
Research institutions and leading dream Relaxer Retexturizing Caribran System. Designers use this product, because the teachers are competent to understand and cope with the wave of naturally curly hair. The treatment can last up to six months.


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